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tv   Newsline Prime Time 30min  KCSMMHZ  June 24, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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victory in cairo. egypt's military rulers declare an islamist as the winner of the country's first free presidential election. egyptians waited a week to find out who would become their next president. many of them suspected they already knew. now egypt's election commission has recognized mohamed morsi as the winner. the muslim brotherhood leader becomes the first president from outside of the military in generations.
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nhk world has a report from cairo. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people in tahrir square are celebrating victory of mohamed morsi. >> translator: this is a very special day for egypt. all praises be to god. >> translator: the victory is for the memory of the victims of the revolution. this is also important for the nation's freedom. >> reporter: the election commission announced the official result of last weekend's vote on sunday, three days later than planned. the commission said morsi won more than 880,000 votes to become the new president defeating ahmed shafiq who was the last prime minister under hosni mubarak. morsi will become the first president in the country's
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history to represent an islamist movement. morsi and young egyptians fought central law and had been holding protest rallies fearing the military would interfere with the election result. they suspected the military is moving towards democratization ahead of the results. the council of the armed forces observed parliament in the transition of the constitution to expand its power and limit presidential authority. morsi's victory could still deepen the divide that has split egypt. fears of political turmoil remain. nhk world, cairo. israelis too have been eager to learn who won. their peace agreement with the egyptians is a corner stone of their security. prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu said israel and egypt must maintain the peace treaty they reached more than 30 years ago. he said israelis expect to maintain relations with egyptians based on the accord. he said it's in the interest much both peoples and contributes to regional stability. he served as israeli ambassador to egypt until last november. >> we have our position which is the official position and official position is that we will deal with any government elected legally and democratically. >> he said israelis need to face the reality egypt will never return to the hosni mubarak era. nato will meet to discuss the downing of a turkish warplane from syria. it happened over the mediterranean sea. a search is under way for two crew members. turkey injury foreign minister
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said on a state tv channel on sunday that the plane briefly strayed into syrian airspace by mistake. he added that the jet was shot down in international airspace and said syria gave no advance warning. the turkish government has called on nato to discuss a response to the downing as it threatened turkey's national security. a nato spokesperson told nhk that the international alliance will hold an emergency ambassadorial meeting on tuesday. nato took action in libya last year but cautious on launching a similar move in syria. nato officials say a military strike in syria could have a huge impact on neighboring countries. greece's new coalition government has outlined a plan to ease austerity measures that were the basis for receiving a bailout package. the three party coalition led by
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pro austerity new democracy is seeking to promote economic growth while maintaining austerity. prime minister antonis samaras outlined the plan on saturday. the plan includes a freeze on reducing public sector employment. the original pact involved letting go of 150,000 public employees by 2015. greece also wants more time to reduce government spending by more than 12 billion euros or about $15 billion, extending the deadline by two years to 2016. inspectors from the eu and other lenders will be in athens on neil diamond negotiate on the greek government plan. the plan is also likely to be discussed at the eu summit in brussels which starts on thursday. the eu has opposed any changes to the greek conditions for a bailout package.
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a u.s. military report says the marines plan to use osprey transport aircraft on six trading routes over the main island of western japan. the aircraft are to be deployed in okinawa prefecture. osprey can land and take off vertically. the report assessing the environmental impact was issued this month ahead of the planned deployment much ospreys at the futenma air base. the training plan includes three routes over the main island and islands in western japan. the marines plan to conduct a total of 330 flight training sessions including 0 low altitude flights and night training in the coming year. the report says osprey will not fly lower than 150 meters, the minimum safe altitude under japanese aviation law. it concludes that the flights will not have a major environmental impact. in april an osprey crashed
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during a joint drill in morocco, followed by a crash in the u.s. this month. objections to the deployment are mounting in okinawa and other parts of japan. >> translator: it appears that mainland airspace will also be used for osprey training. mainland residents won't be able to avoid this issue either. >> china's communist party wants to boost it's press stick with a series of technological successes before its top leaders meet this fall. it said its manned submarine reached a record depth of more than 7,000 meters. they said it landed 7,020 meters below sea level at the marina trench in the pacific ocean. on june 15th it broke the 6527 meter record set by japan's
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6,500. the administrator of the state ocean jake administration says china is now able to carry out manned activities in more than 99.8% of deep waters. he says the dive is a great achievement that will help china to become a struggle marine power. up in space chinese astronauts have successfully performed a manual docking with an orbiting space laboratory. china completed its first automatic manned docking with a module last monday. the capsule docked with the module 343 kilometers above the earth. the spacecraft attached from the module on sunday. the astronauts began their approach from a distance of 140 meters. they completed the manual docking shortly before 500 hours utc.
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[ applause ] china's state-run news agency says china is this third one in the world to master the dock technology. it says china has acquired the basic ability to build a space station. the successful maneuvers have given momentum to china's plan to build a permanent space station by 2020. the crew members will return to earth on friday after carrying out more scientific experiments in space. >> reporter: chinese and japanese are holding events to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. but despite the festivities relations between the countries are uneasy. one reason is friction over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan controls them and says they are part are of its
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southernmost prefecture okinawa. china says it owns them. in march china's marine research ships started patrolling the seas near the senkaku islands. >> translator: tokyo will protect the senkaku islands. >> reporter: when he made that comment recently, tokyo governor also said he intended to buy some of the islands from a private owner. china reacted sharply to the governor's plans. >> translator: comments from politicians of that stature not only harm bilateral relations, they also tarnish japan's international image. >> reporter: many chinese people have joined in the criticism. >> translator: we should pressure and protest. >> throughout much of their history japan and china have had close economic and cultural
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ties, but they've become strained over the differences over the senkaku islands. in this edition of china report we take a close look at this tension. we begin with the result of a survey how chinese and japanese feel about each other. a japanese nonprofit organization and a chinese newspaper with links to the government conducted the poll during april and may. it shows that more than 80% of japanese have a negative feelings towards china. that's the most since the survey started in 2005. 64.5% of chinese say they feel the same way about the japanese. this is a slight improvement over last year's figure, but still high. >> so, the poll indicates that people from both countries distrust each other. what's behind this? >> mainly it's the territorial issue.
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if you take a close look at people's responses, you begin to understand how big an issue it is. almost 70% of the japanese say territorial disputes are getting in the way of better relations between the two countries. more than 50% of the chinese say the same thing. it's a clear example of how confrontational at the diplomatic level influences people at the grassroots level. >> translator: we don't have to compromise on territorial issues. >> translator: if we can't solve it peacefully we should call in the military. >> a chinese expert on japan-china relations said it is important that governments take great care when they deal with territorial issues. >> translator: the bilateral relationship has cooled down and public sentiment has been
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largely affected. especially in relation to territorial issues, people take exactly the same position as the government's. >> so how are china's leaders dealing with the issue? >> cautiously. there is especially concern that the situation could get out of hand if the chinese people clamor for tough action against japan. the government doesn't want a repeat of what happened two years ago. a chinese vessel was in collision with two japan coast guard boats near the senkaku islands. anti-japan demonstrations erupted in cities across china. the government's priority is to keep the nation stable. it wants to avoid damaging relation with japan to the point where they can be repaired. >> so, what do these negative feelings say about the future of
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japan-china relations? >> the issues, despite the hard feelings, about 80% of people in both countries think good relations between the japanese and chinese are essential. >> translator: i heard japan and china have a good relationship in the future. >> translator: i wish two countries could cooperate with each other. and avoid friction. >> among those who have a big stake in stable relations are chinese business people. an executive ever chinese tourist agency told me that after the last incident two years ago, customers cancelled their trip to japan. he doesn't want to see the relationship get any worse. >> translator: our tourism industry is easily affected by safety issues and political
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situations. >> like it or not, the japanese and chinese are neighbors. they can only achieve a stable relationship if they can trust each other. well they have a long way to go. japan's land and infrastructure ministry estimates that public spending on the reconstruction of northeast japan will total about $50 billion in the fiscal year that end next march. the area was damaged by the powerful earthquake and tsunami in march 2011. the ministry calculated spending on construction of roads, buildings and ports in disaster hit areas and the ensuing prefecture. spending by the central government and local municipalities will total more than $52 billion. this is 2.8 times the figure for the previous year. the ministry says orders in the construction industry could create new demand in related
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sectors. it also says spending is likely to push up gdp for this fiscal year by more than 1% and create about 500,000 new jobs. the japanese government has adopted a five year plan for intensive disaster reconstruction until fiscal 2015. japan's disaster and nuclear accident scared tourists away but they've been coming back and now tourism officials are excited about the latest numbers. the data suggests things are better than been and they show the origin. visitors is evolving. nhk world has more. >> reporter: one of tokyo's most popular destinations is once again enjoying a continuous flow of tourists from across the world. >> translator: we see more and more foreign visitors every day. >> reporter: the government's tourism organization says 669,000 travellers visited japan
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in may. that's 87% up from last year, right after the march 11th catastrophe and about 7% down from 2010. visitors from asian countries such as china contributed dramatically to this return to pre-march figures. but tourists from the united states and europe have yet to make a come back. tourists from other countries are filling their places. tourism officials say more people from emerging economies in southeast asia are coming to japan. the number of visitors from thailand, indonesia and vietnam hit a record high for the month of may. >> i bring my kids. we've been to disney yesterday. and maybe tomorrow we go to mount fuji. a vacation.
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>> last year they don't want to come because of the problem. but this year i think it's popular. they want to see japan, food, lture and people. >> now the yen is quite high. >> oh, yeah. >> now you have your chance when the time is right. can't wait more. >> reporter: the japanese government is aiming to attract more and more tourists from asian emerging economies. this month the foreign ministry launched a program to issue multiple entry visas for thai tourists. >> translator: the recovery of tourism isn't happening that fast. the government, the private-sector, and municipalities have to roll up our sleeves and work closely together to attract more
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visitors. >> reporter: the strength of the yen means a trip to japan can be expensive, but many visitors i've spoken to say cost isn't a concern. the japanese economy still has a long way to go before it fully recovers from last year's disaster, but with the help much visitors from emerging economies, it might get back on track faster. >> people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoming the challenges of 2011 disaster but it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show you their struggles and their successes on the road ahead every wednesday at 1:00 p.m. japan time here on "newsline". >> the first international research project on longevity has been launched in five countries with high life
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expectancy rates. experts from japan, france, denmark, sweden and switzerland are carrying out the work. they aim to find the reason why or the reason behind the longevity. 250 people will turn 100 this year will be interviewed in each country about their health and lifestyle. blood samples will also be taken for genetic analysis. the research in japan is being carried out in tokyo, okinawa and three other prefectures. researchers started visiting the participants at their homes in tokyo this month. they interviewed the centenarians and their family members about their health and tested their capacity for exercise and memory. professor saito of the graduate school is taking part in the project. >> translator: it is a meaningful study to find out how well they maintain their longevity and health. >> professor saito says the number of people aged 100 or older will continue to rise. about 5,000 ducks have
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stopped the traffic in a city in eastern china. the ducks belong to a farmer in taizhou. he lets them waddle along the streets a few times a year for exercise. the farmer skillfully uses a long cane to control the birds. the ducks sometimes spontaneously change direction to let bicycles and motor bikes pass. a local resident says it's interesting that the ducks are so orderly and even make way for vehicles. >> translator: the ducks don't feel hungry if they get some exercise. so i can save money on feed. the birds' meat and eggs taste better when i raise them in a natural way. a lot of quacking there. we now have the world weather forecast. beautiful sunny weather over the weekend. how it is looking for today?
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>> good morning. cool and cloudy here in tokyo. the reason is that we've got a high pressure system to the north of hokkaido where we have this pressure patten cool air floss in to the eastern side of hokkaido and produces gloomy weather. out west we have a low and seasonal front bringing heavy rain particularly in kyushu, 300 millimeters of rain have fallen in 4 hours. lots of land slides have been reported. in addition to 150 millimeters although the peak is over but rain will intensify on tuesday. out west we got rain band extending along the yagngtze
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river. out towards the west we got pink showing up that means torrential rain will once again hit northeastern india, bangladesh and northern myanmar. 32 in hong kong, 30 degrees chongoing. tropical storm debby formed over the northern portion of the gulf of mexico on saturday and ten tornadoes have touched down in florida on sunday, linked to the storm. right now sustained winds are 95 kilometers with gusts of 111, moving in a northeasterly direction at a very slow pace. it will likely make a direct impact on southeast-southwest florida by thursday afternoon and become a tropical depression
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by friday. high waves and rough seas are a great concern because its moving at a slow pace, the projected path is still uncertain so things could change. we'll keep you posted on its progress. meanwhile red flag warnings are still in place across nevada and parts of utah as well as wyoming. the threat will be also extending towards the north and on monday there will be a threat of severe weather in and around new york city down towards north carolina. temperature wise heat has eased along the eastern seaboard, 25 in new york city, 29 in washington, d.c., but still on the hot side in houston, 37 and the same temperature for denver. all right. finally let's go over to europe. hot conditions are ongoing in the iberian peninsula and balkan peninsula. we'll show you figures in just a moment. to the north stormy weather continues across southern sweden
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and northern section of germany and as this front moves through locally heavy rain and thunder showers will be moving into eastern europe over the next 24 hours. as for the high, looking mild in london with a high of 21, the same goes for paris, to the south excessive hot conditions are continuing, 37 in madrid and 34 in lisbon and temperatures will rise even more as we head into tomorrow. all right. here's your extended forecast.
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our lead story this hour, egypt's military rulers have announced an islamist, mohamed morsi will become the country's next president. members of the election commission announced the muslim brotherhood candidate won the presidential runoff held a week ago. tens of thousands of morsi supporters celebrated in tahrir square. morsi captured more than half the votes. he narrowly defeated ahmed shafiq the last prime minister under former president hosni mubarak. morsi is the first freely elected president in egyptian history and the first to represent an islamist movement. his victory sets up another chapter in the long struggle between islamists and the military. that concludes this edition of "newsline". i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. do stay with us.
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